Too Much Exposition!

Tara was recently seen in her senior mainstage at Molloy/CAP21 as Officer Lockstock in Urinetown! Being a part of a team of professional collaborators was as exhilarating as it was challenging. Our director/choreographer Parker Esse really brought a positive energy into the room. He was always smiling and was always willing to work with our ideas as well as his own. His associate director, as well as wife, Maria Turnage worked heavily on character specificity and I cannot thank her enough for it. She truly pushed us all to our limits, especially Officer Lockstock's, in order to get the best out of us, always knew there was more to be pulled out of us, and because of her we were all able to put on our best performances. My favorite part of the whole process was sitting down in the very beginning doing table work and having conversations across the table with everyone. The way they led the conversation really allowed us all to get deep and specific with all of our characters, and it made it so much easier to make choices later on. It was an absolutely amazing experience that I wouldn't trade in for anything. Here's the rest of our absolutely incredible creative team:

Music Director- Jake Turski Scenic Designer- David Arsenault Carl Tallent- Associate Scenic Design & Props Designer Just Kagel- Lighting Designer Siena Zoë Allen- Costume Designer Emma Wilk- Sound Designer Brian Pacelli- Projection Designer Carl Whipple- Technical Director Peggy Samuels- Stage Manager Scott Devenny - Asst. Stage Manager Courteney Leggett- Production Manager

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